Should Abortion Be Legalized? Essay

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Abortion is the act of “deliberately termination of a humans’ pregnancy, most often During the first 28 weeks of Pregnancy”. An abortion will terminate the fetus or embryo inside the women permanently killing the fetus. There are two types of abortions, spontaneous abortion and induce abortion. Spontaneous abortion happens naturally and is most commonly called a miscarriage. Induce abortion happens when the women have the fetus remove purposely to discontinue the pregnancy. Induce abortion has been the debate of the century and it is a topic that everyone has an opinion on whether or not it’s moral, murder or just to abort the fetus that will transform into a baby. Everybody have a different opinion on abortion, some may agree with pro-choice which mean women have the right to determined what happened to the fetus they are carrying and the government nor religious should have a say in their decision. Many other people agree with pro-life which mean that the government should make abortion illegal and the fetus have a right to life because they are set to be humans one day. I support pro-choice because life is unpredictable, not everybody is in the state to take care of a baby especially when it is unexpected or unplanned.
Pro-choice is giving women the right to decide on the outcome of their fetus that is growing in their body. There are many understanding situations that would make a women want to abort her child such as sexually assaulted, no fund to support or too young…

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