Should Abortion Be Illegal? Essay

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As stated by 10 Reasons Abortion Should be Illegal by listland, “Dr. Nathanson, an early proponent of abortion became a pro-life campaigner after he saw 12-week fetuses shrink from instruments and open their mouths in a scream during an abortion” (listland). Abortions happen every day and there are unborn babies shrinking in fear during an abortion by the hour. We don 't often think about abortion in our day to day lives, but when we do it is probably something along the lines of there was a baby and now there isn 't. The fetus has a body and a brain, and are not much different than us, and had there not been an abortion they soon would be. There are so many abortions a day, thousands of them (Giratikanon). That is thousands of unborn babies that would have grown up to be adults in our society now gone without a chance to ever reach their full potential at the hands of what could and should have been their caretaker and protector. The current abortion law is that it is legal up to 24 weeks, and is commonly thought of as a good option for pregnant women who feel that can not handle a child at this point in their lives. However, adoption is a viable option, abortion goes against the Declaration of Independence, and babies as early as 8 weeks can feel pain. For all these reasons, abortion should be made illegal after 8 weeks.
Probably the most obvious, but still important reasons abortion should be made illegal up to 8 weeks is that an adoption is a viable option. Many…

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