Short Write Up On Silk Road Essay

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Short Write up on Silk Road

Silk Road was an online black market for selling and buying of illegal products. They used to trade drugs and transact through bitcoin currency. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency which uses encryption and the transactions are undetectable. There was involvement of large transactions of money and the unfair means of selling and buying of drugs and other banned substances were done. This platform provided a safe house for criminals to trade drugs.
Silk Road was an effective means for criminals to go undetected by the law enforcement and federal agencies. Within a short span of time, they were operating worldwide and they had spread its business operations. The local chemists and drugs operatives were cooperating with the Silk road by selling of illegal drugs online and making the business transactions easier. The bitcoins currency transactions further helped in maintaining the confidentiality of the black market. The Silk Road was built on peer to peer networks and employed such networks where in the transactions were not easily traceable. The bad side of technology was used in this case. The use of networks and the technology for making these transactions covertly is commonly referred to as the dark net or dark web. The dark net users are protected using specialized software and technologies that help them trade for drugs.
Humans are prone to make mistakes and thus the FBI learnt about this online black market and started to investigate…

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