Drug Trafficking Essay

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Committee 10
Drug Trafficking
Islamic Republic of Iran
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Position Paper

Part One: Background of drug trafficking Drug trafficking in one of the most significant issues internationally. As defined by the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drug and Crime), drug trafficking is an illegal trade that involves the production, selling, distributing, and purchasing of illicit narcotics. There are 200 million illicit drug users worldwide and that number continues to grow everyday. Depending on where you are in the world, drug trafficking can be the result of a myriad of different things. From minimal border regulation to the increasing supply and demand of drugs, narcotics are prevalent everywhere. Drug trafficking has made an enormous
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Established by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), the Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) was started to aide ECOSOC in managing the utilization of global drug control treaties. The General Assembly approved the CND to become the governing body of the United Nations Office on Drug and Crime. The CND also has the ability to authorize the budget of the Fund of the United Nations International Drug Control Programme. The Human Resources Development Institute (HRDI) is an organization that provides services in drug and alcohol abuse, prevention, and treatment, as well as family services, youth prevention, and community health. HRDI’s mission is to encourage communities to improve their quality of life. The European Cities Against Drugs (ECAD) organization is Europe’s leading institution sponsoring a “drug-free Europe.” The ECAD is working to establish initiatives against narcotic abuse, in support of the United …show more content…
With increased border patrol, drug traffickers no longer have an “on land” route to transport drugs in and out of countries. By increasing border patrol by a minimum of fifteen percent, this solution should prove successful, however it all depends on the size and geography of the country. Establishing a system that educates citizens on the negative effects and dangers of drug abuse, will greatly contribute to the public awareness aspect of ceasing drug trafficking. It is vital to each new generation that it is made clear that drug abuse and drug trafficking are dangerous. Iran strongly supports the use of the death penalty as a castigation for anyone caught producing, selling, distributing, or buying narcotics. This tactic will be used to intimidate and scare anyone associated with illicit drugs or drug trafficking. The education of law enforcement as well as communities themselves should be educated on illicit drugs and trafficking. This is important because if there were ever in a situation concerning illicit drugs and/or drug trafficking, people should know how to respond correctly and effectively, without putting themselves or anyone else in harm’s

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