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Setting up My Expectations: Life after College My days in college as an English language student made me recognize the best things about literature and the art of writing. It was soul enriching, whenever I read various literary texts or critiques, and discovered some established writers in the country where I live. These writers all had something in common: They were humbled by their respective experiences of achieving success in an industry where writers are now less valued as builders of society. Initially, some writers had secretarial or other jobs not particularly appropriate for English majors. Some were fortunate enough to work as editors or writers. While some of these situations saddened me, I felt proud of
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Here, I could also have the opportunity to meet notable figures in the industry, which I consider as a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am enthusiastic about being able to experience advanced classroom instruction, having extensive training in writing and thinking, and having lots of field exposure through seminars with notable speakers. When I was in my sophomore year, my English professors once assigned us to manage an event – a series of lectures given by invited writers and lecturers. I was one of the people responsible for making sure that the event moved forward, while the project head prepared all the necessary topics and information that people would need to know about for the seminar. It was my first experience at co-handling a project for students, interested participants and esteemed professors. We needed to design brochures and invitations, set up the equipment, decorate the venue, and make sure that everything was going to progress successfully. As a sophomore, I was trying to survive college life. It was a great challenge for me to learn to balance school assignments, personal life and extra-curricular activities. It was with this experience that I learned proper time management and built good relationships with people significant to my future, including colleagues, writers and other professionals. Since then, I continued participating in event planning assignments, especially during our senior year when we had a Seminar in Literature subject.
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