Short Story Essay

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Ug Gianod Ako
Marcel Navarra

I do not want to see you again. I am angry at myself for what I have done. We haven’t seen each other for five months or more. But last night, we met at Letoile Parlor. I didn’t expect to see you there, but I found you seated in front of me. You probably noticed that I immediately look down the minute I saw you. Why I behaved that way, you will soon know. For the time being, it is enough for you to know that something had sneaked into my breast causing my flesh to shudder. I lost my appetite for ice cream.

I was forced to look up when you asked: Say, Kid, where have you been all these month? You probably observed how long it took me to answer you though my mouth is open. The
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I did not change my ways with the slow passing of time. I would be worried, restless and lonely if we did not see each other. I would rush to your house, and if you were not in, would entertain myself with the latest issue of Graphic.

Once I was in your house absorbed in reading Jose Garcia Villa’s criticism of the short stories published in the different magazines in English. You already know of my high regard for Villa. Both of us are acquainted with his writings. Because I was wrapped up in my reading, I failed to notice that Pepita, your younger sister, had taken a seat in font of me.

“How is Sonia nowadays?” one tiny voice blurred the lines I was reading. I looked up at her. And Pepita immediately cast her eyes down. “How should I know? I don’t worry myself thinking about her.” And I returned to my reading. “Loloy, have you ever felt… real love?”

I had not even found the lines where I had stopped when she interrupted. I looked up once more to answer her second question. But it took me a while to speak. I couldn’t resist staring at her. And from that moment I learned… Her weary eyes that stared back at me revealed a deep yearning, carried many pleas and told a beautiful story woven out of the hurts and pains of the heart and the sting left behind by a fading dream. “True Love? Ha, ha, ha…”

I went to your house early one morning in July because some friends had invited us to Banawa to feast on

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