The Cinderlea Short Story

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Cassidy Fitch CinderLea

This story takes place in space with this beautiful girl named Lea at her home with her mom and dad.
Once upon a time there was this beautiful girl named Lea and she lived with her mom and dad. She loved them dearly and they loved her very, very dearly. Then her mom got very, very ill. She
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So the prince named Darth Vader askes her to dance. She of course says yes. So they dance and dance. They dance so that everyone can see. They dance so gracefully then that all ends.

The clock strikes twelve o’clock . “I have to go, thank you!” “Wait!” but it was to late she was already gone into the night , but he tries anyway, and all he finds is her tiny golden slipper. No CinderLea just that golden slipper that slipped off her tiny foot.

He goes back to the Death Star and cancels the party and says to master Yoda ,”I have found someone but left so I tried going for her but all that I found was this.” “Then son, go for her, go find her.” So then he set out to find his bride.

He finally he arrives but he is met by her stepbrothers, ”Why are you here?” they asked. “I am here to see if the young lady with this shoe lives here.” “ No sorry she doesn’t.” “ Are you sure?” “Yep.” Just then CinderLea jumps right in front of Darth Vader. Then she tries the shoe on and it fits!”

After the prince Darth Vader says, ”Lets get married right away.” “OK.” So they got married and they lived happily ever after. No more shores no more evil stepbrother or her evil stepmother. She has her good clothes back and a comfortable

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