Film Summary Of Stars Wars: A New Hope

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In the movie Stars Wars: A New Hope (episode 4), it begins in an ordinary world when Luke, first appears in the movie. Luke is living in a moisture farming area in a dessert in a far galaxy. As it gets further throughout the movie, a R2-D2 come through Luke’s path, and warns him that he must go on an adventure to safe Princess Leia. But Luke is not really happy, and he refuses to go save her at first. He says that it is too far from where he stays, and he has duties to accomplish, so there is no time to go. The R2-D2 droid runs away as well, and he has to go find it because he does not want any trouble. While he is in the lookout he has an encounter with the Sand People, and he gets injured. Luke wakes up to see, Obi-Wan Keobi. They go back

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