Essay about Short Story : ' Screw You '

1185 Words Dec 13th, 2015 null Page
“Screw you, Abellona!” My mama shouted, scolding her with an anger so primal, so intense, that I had never seen anything like it ever come out of her before. It had frightened me and yet made me proud. I looked down at my mama’s feet where Midnight now stood, her back arched, fangs drawn and letting out a seething rear aimed squarely at Abellona. Not far from her was another cat as equally angered and ready for a rumble. Off to my right, Tucker and Owen still struggled with subduing Katelyn who looked as if she might have been even more than what these two Southern boys could handle. “You know, Janine… When I killed your mother.” Abellona said with a smile curling up from her lips as she swung playfully like a child around a birch tree with an outstretched arm. “It was too bad you weren’t here to see it. But, the good news is, you will be here to see me kill your daughter.” “Leave Cera alone, Abellona. If it’s me you want, here I am.” My mama said. “It’s both of you I want!” Abellona snapped spitting her poison at us. “I want the souls of all you Barretts.”
“But, Cera isn’t even a Barrett, she’s a Singer.” My mama contested. “Don’t play dumb with me!” Abellona again fired back at her and then turned her attention to me. “She has Barrett blood coursing through her veins. I can smell it. I can see her aura radiating from her soul. And, soon…” Abellona then let out that wicked little laugh of hers. “Soon I will taste it.” I knew I…

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