Personal Narrative-Numb Faces

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Numb Faces
“Oh my god, why me! Why does it have to be me”, I blamed when broken glass hit my face and woke up in a wrecked car. The car was not the same that I had earlier that night, it looked totally different, and everything was a mess. I couldn’t let myself out the car, because the door was stuck. I felt disoriented my body was shaking, tears washed my face, I can’t think straight, I made the biggest mistake of my life. I want to cry out loud, but I do not have the guts to do it, all I felt is a shame, so I mumbled “what just happened, what have I done, what’s got into me”. I blamed God to let this happen to me, but I thank God for protecting my friends from anything to happen to them. The alarm wake me up at 5:00 am feeling tired and
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Then after five minutes I start heading south on the Sheridan road to drop the girls at their house. Just before I reach Broadway and Devon I heard someone calling my name “Yonas please wake up wake up”. I saw my car going in the wrong direction towards the street light, I panicked and hit the accelerator pedal that makes the accident horrendous.
The airbag came off and hold my head against the wheel. I can see a smoke coming out from the engine and the street light on the ground. It all looks a dream to me. I pushed the door hard to open it and got out from the car and start looking around feeling lost and terrified.
The first thing came to my mind was to call my brother, I called him and told him to come and help me. I was crying and feeling guilty when I told him that I have an accident. He asked me what happen, I told him what exactly happened. While I was talking to him, I heard the sirens of an ambulance coming toward us. I start to feel my heart beat; I start to cry out loud and start to imagine myself in jail. This is it I tossed my life to the garbage, for I thought they would arrest me for not driving properly and for damaging the city property. I told the emergency personnel that we are fine, but he put us in an ambulance and drove to the
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However, I end up in a hospital with regret and misery. For a while, I felt lucky to get away without any broken bones and scars, but it left me with bad experience. I often have nightmares at night about the accident, it wakes me up in the middle of night thinking how intolerable it was. Our life can be taken away from us with in a single minute if we do not drive cautiously. One mistake can result in a fatal accident, I often thank God for not letting anything happen to my friends that were with me at that time. I would not forgive myself if anything happens to them from the car accident that I caused it. I have learned my lesson, now I know how my life is precious, therefore I would not put my life in any dangerous

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