Short Story : ' Boss ' Essay

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Hmm. Seems “boss” has been doing a lot of rearranging lately. “Well, Mike might be on something, sure, but it’s not me. I’m on me today. Yep, I’m feeling myself like that.”
Muscles’ eyes goes hard and serious as he grits his teeth, “His jealously is getting the best of him.” This must be about Noah. If so, I agree. “You know what, I’m re-assigning myself to you, whether he wants to pay me to or not. You can’t be walking around on your own until we find out what your ex is up to, Lots. He knows you run in the park in the mornings, but he’s done nothing yet.”
I take in a sharp breath, willing myself not to show fear. “How do you know that?”
“I caught someone tailing you while you were running one morning. Thought he was just another runner at first until I realized he was keeping on you. Backed off when you met up with Boss for your final sprints, but I called in two of my guys and we detained him. Said he was paid to deliver a message. He had a note. Just wanted to get close enough to pass it to you.”
Someone was tailing me. Someone was tailing me. I manage, “What—what did the note say?”
His chest heaves with a sigh, but he reaches into his back pocket for his wallet, opens it, and takes out a folded square of paper and passes it to me.
A shaking hand reaches out and takes it, unfolds it. Four sentences scrawled in Andrew’s childish penmanship.

You know better than to believe in fairytales.
Trying to live a life without me in it is unrealistic.
I’m your reality.

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