A Fishing Short Story

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A Fishing trip, to the moon “Lets go Mikey,” Noah shouted as he grabbed a fishing pole. Noah and Mikey are going fishing and hope to catch a huge fish. Its 1965 and they are both 13 and are good friends. Mikey is a big fisherman and has blond curly hair.He has also been to the bassmaster classic elite series to watch the weight in and the same year he got to go to tennessee for the jr nationals where he got 32nd place out of 50 people.Noah loves to play soccer and fish if he has time!
“Here,” Mikey called handing a rod to Noah. “Lets, fish.”
“Mikey come over here i got a big one,” Noah screamed as Mikey ran over to him.
“Pull “said mikey. Noah did what he said and then plop, on the deck there was now a
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“It’s a meteor,” Mikey yelled “Runnnnnnn!” Both boys turned to run when they remembered their on a boat.That was going from side to side while they were freaking out on it.
“Oh, nooooo,” Noah yelled “I’m going to die on this here boat,” Then Splash A jumbo mother wave crashed on their boat!
“Save the fish,” Mikey screamed throwing the fish into the air. All soaked from the wave that came over the bow of the boat. The boat was so soaked that when they got home, they had to let it dry out so it would not be soaked all the time.Then we went in the house and was watching tv and on the news they said “Breaking news Apollo 11 has crashed back on Earth and they don't know where it is, if you know anything call the number on the screen now,” The boys were both freaking out and started to wonder if that was the Apollo 11 that had crashed, and soaked their boat. “Mikey do you think that was Apollo 11 that we saw fall from the sky?” “Maybe Noah, but if it was we would never find it again,” “Unless,” Noah began “I umm, Might of dropped a rubber ducky attached to a weight there,” “What, i’m jazzed!” Mikey said “Let's Split,” Then Mikey ran out the door with Noah by his
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“Over here, lad’s,”
“Wow,” Mikey yelled as they got close “Looks like you guys came from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” The three men started cracking up as they climbed off the rusty shuttle and onto the boys boat!
“Hi Ankle biters, i’m Neil armstrong,” said Neil Armstrong holding out his hand to the boys.
“Hi, i’m Noah and this is Mikey,” Noah replied while shaking Neals hand.
“Oh, and this is Michael and Buzz,” Neal told them pointing to the two men beside him.
“Well, Hi Michael, and Buzz, well I better Cool my chops so i don't crash us on the way back, ” The boys said as they drove away from the rusty cap floating on the water!

“We’re there, I can see the dock!” Noah cried out to the three men talking at the back of the boat. The Three men were playing a card game that Noah and Mikey didn’t recognize.
“What game is that?” Noah asked as he walked over to were the men sat.
“It’s a game called Poker, wanna learn how to play?” Buzz told him. Buzz then explained to Noah how to play.
“Good, now play a high card,” Neal told him.
As Noah and Mikey learned how to play

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