Short Essay: A Strange Day In July

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A Strange Day In July

He threw with all his might, but the third stone came skipping back. His little sister “Maggie” had chills run through her back. The day was still young. It was summertime. Everyone was always happy. All of the birds had left as if they knew something was coming. But what? He could feel his hands trembling as he picked up the stone. He had calluses from working day and night. Once more he threw the stone and this time it came skipping back. The pond started to shake. The trees were moving forward and back, forward and back. Almost like a pattern. His sister started to hyperventilate. They both stepped back and examined as the world around them started to fall apart. The boy found the stone and put it in his pocket.
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Maggie thought she was going insane. She said whispering “ Why is this happening to us?” “We are just simple normal people who live on a farm” she said desperately. Her brother said “ What about this stone?” “Why is it so important”. “This is no stone” said their mother. “We need to get you out of here and leave this place”. All of them understood why. The beautiful evergreens before them were suffering from fire. Trees fell to the floor spreading fire all around them. Their father pulled them to a path and said “Hurry we don 't have much time”. As they entered it seemed like there was a forcefield around the path. As the two children followed their parents, it seemed as the world was normal. It was peaceful. No chaos or destruction like the world they once knew. Their father said “Every three million years the human world starts falling apart and ending mankind”. “Our family was chosen to start over the new world.” Maggie said “Are you telling us, we are the only family alive.” “No” said their mother. “The other families who have survived are in this world.” The family walked through the path and a castle was not to far from sight. Castles were only in fairy tales. Maggie was mesmerized by the sight. A village was there and was filled with many families. A couple who looked about the same age as their parents were crying. They said their daughter Ashley had …show more content…
Gregory woke up and he was in bed. It was all just a dream. The stone was not real. The woman in black was not real. His mother wasn 't even real. His mother left them when his little sister was born. It was 6:00am in the morning. He wanted to go back to sleep and finish his dream. But he had a big day planned. He was going to the real pond with his sister. Today was going to be a fun day in July. A normal day. Nothing that would be unreal. He quickly got dressed and put on his favorite hat. His sister was already awake and ready to go. Both of them left the house eagerly. Their farm was perfect. No chaos or destruction. The cows were alright, the horses were lying down, and the chickens were running around. On their way to the pond it was a bright and sunny day. The flowers bloomed and the birds were chirping happily. When they reached the pond it was a sparkling crystal clear blue. Little tiny fish were swimming from side to side. Frogs were hopping on the velvet green lily pads. It was not a strange day in July. Gregory took three stones from the ground. He threw the first one and it skipped across the pond. He threw the second stone and it skipped across the pond. He threw the third stone and it came skipping back. He said “What a strange day it will be today

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