Short Biography Of Audrey Hepburn: My Hero

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My Hero

Everyone has a hero. Someone they look at for inspiration, someone who pushes them to be their best. My hero is Audrey Hepburn. She was born in 1929, in Belgium, worked as a courier in the Dutch resistance during WWII, studied ballet with Sonia Gaskell, worked in the West End, became an actress and one of hollywoods greatest female legends during the golden age, devoted her life to UNICEF, and spoke around six languages- fluently.

Audrey is an inspiration to men and women alike. She was smart, tough, brave and intelligent, and managed to stay classy enough to be inducted into the international best dressed list. This isnt why shes my hero, though. Throughout her life, Audrey showed a will to help others. She wasnt just an actress, she was also a humanitarian. Most people dont know this, as Audrey is most recodnised for her amazing acting, but Audrey helped the Dutch resistance in World War Two, as a courier, even though her parents were nazi sympathizers. She was just 14 when she started to help in the war, by secretly raising money for the Dutch resistance by dancing for large audiences. By the age of 14, Audrey was an accomplished ballerina. Audrey also ran messages. If she was discovered doing any of those things, she would have been executed.

Like most of the Dutch, Hepburn and her family dealed with famine and illness throught
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She inspired me to be myself, and to have more confidence, and most importantly, to help others. I will never know what its like to be malnourished, but Audrey has inspired me enough to donate money to charities such as UNICEF, and hopefully, when im older, to volunteer in UNICEF. Hepburn has taught me that its ok to question authority, even your parents at times, and also that a woman can be tough and strong, without losing her class and elegance. Although Audrey wasnt that old when she died, she still accomplished more than most people would during a

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