Shalom Case Study

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Purpose of an Education promoting shalom Mercy Ann Ranjan
Looking at the root Hebrew meaning for shalom we see in the Old Testament, the root word is found in many Semitic languages. The Akkadian salamu comes closest to the root meaning “whole or complete” (The Anchor Bible Dictionary, 1992, pp 206). According to the New Testament, it is referred that the Hebrews tended to use the term primarily for interpersonal or social relations where it comes very close to meaning “Justice.” When justice is done it is seen as God’s gift to the people and shalom comes to the people when they live faithfully under God’s covenant (The Anchor Bible Dictionary, 1992, pp 207). Jesus also emphasizes through the beatitudes that peacemakers
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In my opinion Listening and patience are interconnected and cannot be possible without each other. But above all they are tied together with love, care and kindness. Patience stands out to be one of the best tools Jesus uses in order to listen to his disciple’s worries and concerns. And as a teacher I feel that it is essential for me to cultivate these values as well. Now, connecting this to Joldersma’s Schooling for discipleship, where one of the aspects of this notion is sharing one’s joys and burden, I find that most students these days are overwhelmed by the burdens society and standardized test entrusts them with. These things make them feel rejected and burdened, that they rarely find someone with whom they can share these burdens. They crave for someone who can listen and care for them. Having this in mind I, as a disciple of Jesus ought to follow his ways and do what he did. His act of love, kindness and patience were all means that enabled the disciples to feel belonged and cared for. His love for them enabled them to build their trust in him, His kindness and encouragement always helped them to realize that they were cared for and recognized. Most importantly his patient listening enabled them to share their joys and

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