Argumentative Essay On Othello

As it is commonly known, that William Shakespeare is really the godfather of the English Language because there has many wonderful things such as, beautiful poet and playwright great and is finally classified as the greatest writer in English. Now, Let 's dive in the depths of the works of William memorable to bring out a amazing playing. Othello. Also this drama combines love, pain, jealousy and betrayal.

Frist of all, Brapantio had a senator in Venice beautiful daughter, Didmonp that many men wished to marry her to show his advantages benign as well as he waits of fortune is that it has not seen among these men, but a black man skin of Moroccan origin Othello was called the Venice of the leaders of the armies. Love Didmonp Othello despite
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And kept him to her wedding and gave him an hour of Othello and Oosth to give him to his wife, he may not be lost. It is of natural silk.
He says Ayago to Othello that Cassio admitted his deed, and I agree, and him that the newly between him and the Casio hear and be Othello hiding, and agreed Othello, and heard the house to talk about the other woman was Khalilia Cassio, Othello thought that talking about his wife Didmonp. sends Ayago man to kill the Casio, but does not succeed in that, but only wounds either Othello Vijnq Didmonp for treason with Casio But Emilia Ayajo wife reveal the truth to Othello that the handkerchief is I took it and gave it to her husband without learning that he spend the night is malicious and criminal, Vitan Othello himself sorrow for Didmonp. , Othello and describes himself gasping for breath: '.... man did not make sense in love, but the ladle, a man threw his hand ... (Khende stupid ignorant) Pearl, the most precious of all his clan, if a man became agitated rotate the same, although not not Aldhirv of perseverance, tears rains also generate Arabs trees Samgha Shafi .. 'Perhaps these descriptions that describe the same truer than all the analysis of his
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Delights in torturing his victim, which is highly sensitive to anything affect his pride, because it is aware of its superiority over others, he hates Othello because he made Casio corollary, which is also troubled by Casio because Othello virtues of it, which is like to have a position worthy of the large its capabilities, and then Ayago starts trying Othello sabotage the house, trying to convince him as a traitor to Didmonp, where battles took place Othello defeated the enemies and their ships sank, Iago of Othello says that her father Didmonp August, and has

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