Essay about Sexually Transmitted Diseases And Teenage Pregnancy

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These life behaviors are key to having a successful future in any type of job or society. Only 7 of the 13 states that require information on sexual orientation teach it inclusively (Sex and HIV). The states that teach negative information on sexual orientation only add to the confusion and mistreatment of LGBTQ youth. Sex education clearly teaches subjects far beyond just the act of sex, and should be included in all 50 states. Safe sex is an extremely important part of a comprehensive sex education, and it is a fundamental right to all students. Safe sex education teaches students about reproductive health, contraception, pregnancy, abortion, STDs/STIs, HIV and AIDS, and sexual abuse. Introducing the topic to all students in America is the answer to lowering the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and teenage pregnancy. All teenagers should be informed on how to correctly put on condoms, the different types of contraception, and the choices they have should they fail. Teenagers should be aware that birth control only helps prevent pregnancy and does not protect against STDs. Although sex is a natural part of life, it has it’s consequences, and teenagers need to know all the different ways to avoid those consequences. It is illogical to believe all teens will refrain from sex, so it is crucial they are taught to have to safely.
Although America’s pregnancy rates are higher than other “developed” countries, the introduction of safe sex education has caused them to drop…

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