Sexually Harassed And Their Safety Essay examples

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Barcelona, Greece, India, Italy. Are only a few listed places where anyone would love to go to enjoy a cultural experience. A cultural experience is an important part of a traveling. Everybody takes vacations to escapes from busy hectic schedules of work or family from our daily lives. However, a stressful turn out of events can cause incidents on that vacation to take a toll on travelers in the host countries. Women sometimes have a sixth sense allowing them sometimes see things some men don’t see. Such as, knowing which eyes are staring down at you. Making that women uncomfortable even though she is not in direct contact with someone who harassed her. Being dressed in a certain way, having an accent should not intervene in someone way of noticing as a person, noticing female tourists. The goal of this paper is to address concerns of female tourist and their safety. In today 's world women have the right of equality, speech, and desires and ambitions. Statistics show that women travelers have increased in number by 230% (Bond, 2016). 87% of these women say they travel for sightseeing. Women tourism as a target industry has increased exceeds $19 trillion annually. The average adventure traveler is not "...a 28-year old male, but a 47-year-old female. And she wears a size 12 dress," (2016).
Why women travel...
Also taken note booking agents, that the 27% of women who are traveling to sightseeing are often believed to be…

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