Sexuality And The Modern Day Popular Culture And Advertising Media

1532 Words Nov 30th, 2014 null Page
There is a widespread trend today of the increasingly pervasive presence of sexuality in one form or another prevalent all over popular culture and particularly advertising today. This practice, and the central importance sexuality has been given in everyday expressions of popular culture, has become quite embedded in the public life, and is having some important effects on the social development of people, especially young people. This paper will explore the current state of the depictions of sexuality and eroticism in the modern-day popular culture and advertising media, and what kinds of social and cultural responses are evolving to it. It concludes that the ubiquitous pervasiveness of the sexualization of popular culture will continue with its gender imbalance and distorted beliefs of sexuality it engenders that must be addressed in the future.
Today sex has permeated every aspect of public life and popular culture, especially in the media, where programming of all sorts rely on ever more intensely sexualized content and themes, to the point of perversion of conventional norms, to retain ever more eager audiences. Sexuality today is ubiquitous across popular culture, and its expressions are getting ever more complicated and nuanced as they are now increasingly drawing their manifestations from various aspects of other deeply held mores of traditional and popular cultural structures and norms (Schweitzer, 2007). Interestingly, this is an extremely…

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