Sexual Misconduct And Sexual Harassment Essay

2193 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 9 Pages
According to Peak (2016), criminal justice employees have a lot of opportunities to become involved with sexual affairs, incidents, trysts, etc. Sexual misconduct has been defined as anything as simple as casual flirting on the job to romantic involvement with foreign agents. Discipline has been given out as police managers maintain high standards of officer behavior. Officers may be disciplined for their inappropriate actions, including both adultery and homosexuality, (p. 63). Inappropriate conduct with other employees or with perpetrators, citizens is included in sexual misconduct and incidents. The employees having hook-ups with the probationers were terminated and they violated the sexual misconduct terms of their probation officer services and the discipline was very quick and swift. These sexual misconduct charges also led to other bad behavior, including funds being stolen and the drug use impairing their work. Inappropriate conduct in the workplace and among criminal justice officials is discussed in chapter 3. Verbal or physical conduct based on race, religion, sex, disability, etc. is harassment when not wanted by the person having the conduct influencing them. Sexual relations are considered harassment when conduct is negative enough to create a bad and unpleasant work environment. A hostile work environment can be created from offensive remarks about clothes, looks, touching in any uncomfortable way such as physical like patting or pinching, or sending offensive…

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