Sexual Harassment Within The Workplace Essay

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Workplace sexual harassment appears to be a long occurring problem in the work setting (McDonald, 2012). Additionally, workplace sexual harassment may occur in all workplace settings and is not specific to one work environment over others. However, while it is established that sexual harassment in the workplace occurs, reports of such incidents appear to be documented far less than the true frequency of incidents (McDonald, 2012). Additionally, while research regarding sexual harassment in the workplace appears to be abundant, research on sexual harassment in a criminal justice or correctional setting seems to be lacking. Therefore, this paper aims to assess the literature on sexual harassment in the workplace and sexual harassment in a correctional setting. Additionally, an intervention to increase the number of sexual harassment incidents reported in a correctional setting will also be discussed.
Review of Sexual Harassment Literature In order to first understand the social psychological background of sexual harassment in corrections, one must first understand sexual harassment in a general workplace setting. Research has been completed to help explain why sexual harassment may occur even though there are strict laws against such behavior (Brady, Kaiser, Major, & Kirby, 2015; & McDonald, 2012). Additionally, while employees claim to experience sexual harassment at work, many companies may not be aware of it due to underreporting (McDonald, 2012). However, research may…

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