Sexual Harassment And Sexual Discrimination Essay example

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Sexual harassment has always been, and still is, an extremely controversial topic. Some people tend to think that sexual harassment cases are all stemmed from lies made up by victims to gain attention or sympathy. Others, however, see sexual harassment as a serious crime that has been locked away in a vault and ignored by society. Whichever side one takes, the fact that sexual harassment and sexual discrimination laws play an important part in many aspects of society still stands. From the beginning of time, humans have struggled in deciding what rights certain groups should or should not have, and, slowly, everyone started to be set upon the same plane. Women are one of the most recent groups to be considered for this plane, and the journey there has certainly been, and will probably continue to be, long and complicated. So far, our journey can be split into three parts: the fight against “protection,” the fight against discrimination, and the fight against definitions. The fight against “protection” begins with the debate of whether or not the government should control what women can do while pregnant. In the case of International Union, United Auto Workers of America v. Johnson Controls, Inc., we see the struggle of women who either are pregnant or are able to become pregnant. The simple fact that women can become pregnant, a function that is completely out of our control, caused many women to be forced into lower-paying jobs. Women were not allowed the dignity to decide…

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