Gender Discrimination In The Case Of Smith Barney The Boom Boom Room

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While Training programs without a doubt can reduce gender discrimination ,during training there should be an investigator to investigate complaints of discrimination or harassment. Many employees should take this investigation seriously. They should also select a professional investigator . To Demonstrate , Arnold state 's “ Selection of a third- party investigator such as outside the

Diaz Bailon Yanelly 3 counsel...If an employee levels discrimination charges against a high level official within the employer’s organization , and/or if the employee decides to publicize the complaint .“ Furthermore , The investigator should also conduct appropriate interviews with the employees. They should interview the employees who witnessed any discrimination , the employee who is being accused , and the employee who filed the complaint. The author States that while the employees are being investigated it should be documented. “ Document each and every step taken in the investigation...prepare to summarizing the findings from the investigation and recommending proposed disciplinary
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Women were being sexually harassed at their job. They were told that they should drop the complaint. “ The women didn’t drop the complaints and they won their case against Smith Barney “ ( Wojcik ). When companies and corporations ignore gender discrimination it is due to lawsuits and negative publicity. Managers should be able to make effective performance management process that can help support employees performance , success , and get everyone involved. Instead of being silent employees should get involved. Being silent is not the best way to reduce sex discrimination in the work force . This would does not make sex discrimination go way. In order to solve this problem employees should go through training. When managers make training a requirement and mandatory it can help improve a better working environment.

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