Jarner Vs National Super Markets Case Study

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In the case of Varner versus National Super Markets a seventeen year old female employee sued the company alleging sexual harassment. Ms. Varner worked for National Super Markets along with her fiancé. After complaining to her fiancé about the alleged sexual harassment, he twice complained to the store general manager and was informed by the manager that the company policy requires the person being harassed to file the complaint themselves. Ultimately no action was taken and eventually Ms. Varner filed a legal suit against the company. While Ms. Varner absolutely should have felt comfortable in reporting the harassment she was experiencing, it is everyone’s responsibility to report harassment or discrimination. Company policies should support an environment that allow for any person to report behaviors that they might find offensive. If an employee finds the actions or words of another as hateful, aggressive, or odious they have an obligation to report it. …show more content…
Rather than being a bystander, witnesses need to address inappropriate behaviors reporting comments or concerns when witnessing a person being demeaned or facing derogatory remarks. Turning a blind eye should no longer be a viable option. Another key aspect is being willing to correct harassers, even when female colleges are not present. Men can support the women in their lives by stopping locker room talk or other similar acts of disrespect. Furthermore, men should be willing to talk about the issues affecting their workplace and request additional training or assistance if needed. While anyone can be the object of sexual harassment, women tend experience workplace sexual harassment far more often than men. As we have clearly learned, harassment in the workplace is prohibited under Title VII and federal law forbids discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin and religion

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