Essay on Sexual Harassment And Sexual Assault

1198 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
A commonly recurring and often overlooked issue within the human culture is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is any undesired, inappropriate behavior directed towards an individual. Harassment includes verbal and physical assault, such as rape and even inappropriate conversations in the workplace. Everyone may experience sexual harassment, attacks are not limited to just women, children, and young adults. According to research found by RAINN, every 109 seconds a person experiences sexual assault.” This means sexual assault is as frequent as every one minute and eighty-one seconds. Despite how often of an occurrence harassment is, attacks are often left unreported. There is some speculation as to why victims won’t report attackers, such as Stockholm syndrome, or negative association. Whatever the reason may be, leaving attacks unreported may encourage attackers to continue. Although the issue has decreased over the years, sexual assault is still a considerable problem. To reduce sexual attacks, steps should be taken to develop an understanding of the definition and boundaries of sexual harassment. Change should be implemented within the current punishments, and it would be beneficial to create an anonymous reporting system. To Increase an understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment, the definition should be consistent within each state, and an increase of education about what sexual harassment is, how to defend yourself, how to report attacks, and how to…

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