Essay about Sexual Boundaries Within The Home

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Ms. Sweeting reported the family resides in a Fort Lauderdale three bedroom, one and a half-bathroom house, she has rented for the past one year. She opined the family resides in a community, where there are drugs present and not the perfect neighborhood, but reported that she feels safe, were there are no concerns pertaining to the children 's safety. The mother shared she does not regularly have visitors to the home. When asked about the sleeping arrangements in the home, she noted she co-sleeps with the child. Given the child’s age coupled with the reason for referral, the therapist involved in the case should discuss appropriate sleeping and boundaries with the family. According to Ms. Sweeting, Takye always showers and bathe independently. Also residing in the home are the youth’s maternal aunt and uncle who has their own private sleeping area. The mother denied owning or having pornography in the home. Regarding sexual boundaries within the home, the mother admitted to kissing Takye’s father in the past while Takye present. She also reported that in the past, Takye’s aunt had sometimes walked around the home with her breasts exposed, but noted that she has since moved out of the home. Nevertheless, she denied being nude in the presence of her child. Ms. Sweeting denied owning any weapons. She stated Takye does not have access to the Internet, but while playing on her cell phone he may have viewed inappropriate photos seen on Facebook.


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