Essay about Sexual Assault On College Campuses Nationwide

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Sexual assault is perhaps the hardest type of case to win in a court of law—possibly because of rape myths, misconceptions, and juror bias against the victim. Prosecutors have the discretion to choose whether to pursue a case based, in large part, on the victim’s past behavior, looks, where he/she lives, etc. To think that only one-half of all assaults reported to the police result in an arrest is disturbing. New legislations attempt to find fault with a party other than the victim and provide aid to the victim. Sexual assault has become a major policy concern as of late and research on the subject continues to have implications on new legislations proposals. It is wrong for our society to turn a blind eye to sexual assaults by using rape myths as a means to justify the senseless crime.
Many studies have concluded that preventing sexual assault on college campuses nationwide is a daunting and seemingly impossible task. Armstrong, Hamilton, and Sweeney noted in their journal, Sexual Assault on Campus: A Multilevel, Integrative Approach to Party Rape, that colleges and universities have been aware of the issue of sexual assault for over 20 years—even though they direct resources toward preventing and offering services to those affected, the rate has not declined over the last five decades. While Armstrong, Hamilton, and Sweeney’s article focuses on rates of sexual assault on college campuses remaining at a constant high level, Frohmann’s entry explains why it would be…

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