Essay about Sexual Abuse And Mental Health Problems

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The client was is a sixteen year old, Hispanic female. She is a sophomore in high school, living with her mother and eighteen-year-old brother. The client’s parents have been divorced since she was in the sixth grade, around the age of ten or eleven. The client does not work neither does her mother, the family is supported financially by her brother and her mother’s boyfriend. Client stated that she has never been to counseling. Furthermore, she stated that family did not have a history of substance abuse or mental health problems.
The client presented nicely groomed, dressed well, and appropriately. The client did not engage much throughout the session. Moreover, she appeared somewhat anxious, quiet, and tearful. The client looked down and avoided eye contact for most of the session. However, she did make eye contact when she spoke about things other than the presenting issue.
Client was seeking counseling because she felt she was not herself anymore. The client mention that she did not feel anything and at times felt that life was just passing her by. Client wants to feel something again because she felt like she was just there living with no purpose. Client mentioned that her mother does not understand her and does not understand why she wanted to seek a counselor.
Client stated that she use to live with her father but felt lonely since he always work. Hence, her mother convinced her to move in with her mother and brother. The mother thought that living with the older…

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