Essay on Sexism, Prejudice, And Discrimination

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Throughout my eighteen years of life, I have yet to see the world without sexism. I wake up in the morning, look at myself in the mirror, and tell myself that I can do everything a man can do. But that idea quickly leaves as soon as I step out into the real world. The idea that women are “housewives” has been around for centuries and it is not anywhere close to being extinguished. Many people think that sexism is not an ongoing problem in the 21st century, or they are unclear about what the word sexism means. Sexism is the stereotyping, or discrimination against gender. It is the common misconception that women are not able to do all things that men can and that they belong at home. Although gender prejudice often affects males, it is typically females who face the day-to-day struggles. Sexism dates so far back that there are even incidences of it in the bible.
In the old testament women could not leave their home without permission from their father or husband and they also did not have any authority. Even Eve was made from a rib of a man. For centuries, females have had to take a back seat to males; whether in sports, politics, and even everyday jobs. Women did not have the right to vote until 1920, and still to this day, the United States of America has yet to have a female president. Women have constantly been looked down on and have been made to seem inferior to men. Women have often been treated as property. They are sold as sex slaves, sold into marriages, and…

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