Sexism Is Still Alive And Well Essay

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“Sexism goes so deep that at first it’s hard to see; you just think it’s reality”. This quotation by author/activist, Alix Kates Shulman thoroughly sums up the entirety of this paper. Shulman is basically saying that nowadays, many people do not notice the existence of sexism in society today because it is such a huge part of many things that are integral in our lives; such as television, music, magazines, the workplace, and politics. Though not everyone notices this form of sexism because to numerous citizens all across the country, sexism means women are not allowed to vote, women cannot go to school, women cannot work because they have to stay home with the children. And since this is no longer the reality, a number of people think that sexism is no longer an issue. However, this paper explores why sexism is still alive and well. This paper discusses how sexism still exists in the degradation of women lyrics of popular songs on the radio, in the objectification of women on television and in magazines through risqué pictures, and in pay inequality in the workplace.
Sexism in the Media
In this day and age, it seems almost impossible for one to escape the media. Whether it be the internet, TV, social media, radios, magazines, or newspapers, the media is heavily involved in the lives of a vast majority of people today. With the media being so integral so many lives, one may not think that sexism would be as common-place as it is. Nevertheless, sexism can be heard in the…

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