Sexism In Puberty Blues

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Australia seems to be blessed for producing beautiful films about real life situations fraught with meaning and mystery. The movies “Puberty Blues” and “The Year my voice broke” are of no exception. The landscape seems so realistic on the screen, and the sense of Australia's isolation does as well.
The subject matter and thematic thrust of Puberty Blues is the girls’ inceptive desperation to hook into the “in-crowd”, but with a strong feminist kick. Sixteen-year-olds, Debbie Vickers and Sue Knight are fraught under the heavy brand of ‘sexism’ allocated out by the boys that they kick around with, and the dual oppression of school and parents. From the hilarious, slang-packed dialogue and rich, honest characterization, through to its obvious
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On the bus, the girls are shown as boy-crazy, physically violent with one another (Debbie and Chery have a fight in the aisle). It was realistic that Debbie and Sue were lying to their parents and hiding the fact that they were drinking, smoking weed, and having sex. I especially like the scene where Sue comes home from the “movies” or so her parents thought.
All the girls as described in the movie liked lying on the beach, getting some sun-burn, watching the boys surf and obeying everything the boys say. The boys only cared about sex and surfing, nothing else. When Debbie meets Bruce, a self-centered dumb blonde surfy, they start kissing upon meeting and in no time they consider themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. Bruce’s only interest is about having sex with her in the back on his Panel Van, but proves to be difficult due to physical issues because she was virgin.
The boys are immensely ego-driven idiots that have no regard for the girls what so ever. They order the girls to get them lunch, watching them surf is an obligation for the girls, and forcing the girl to have sex with them, and yet the girls love them blindly as it means world for them. The boys' boorishness is somewhat exaggerated here, and so is the stupidity of parents who barely notice when their children develop a drug-induced torpor or come home much too giggly at

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