Sex Trafficking And Pimops

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When we think of human trafficking, we think women and girls being trafficked through Japan, India, Cambodia, Bangladesh and other neighboring countries. Huge red light districts offering thousands of women and children; some as young as 9 and 10 years old. We think of children getting abducted and sometimes even sold by their own parents in third world countries. We think men in Cambodia paying a large sum of money for virgin girls. Some of us might think back to the 2008 blockbuster “Taken” starring Liam Neeson, and the horrors we saw there, from the brothel in France to the prostitutes being sedated with narcotics through an IV so they would be complacent when they had a client. Unfortunately, many of these common beliefs are accurate. …show more content…
Pimps also recruit women in night clubs; they befriend women, create emotional or alcohol/drug dependencies, and then convince them to earn money for the pimp in prostitution. Drug and alcohol dependencies are tools that pimps use commonly to manipulate and maintain control over women.
Sex trafficking is found hidden in a variety of places the most common being in the sex industries including strip clubs, fake massage parlors, escort services, and the most popular, street prostitution. For example, massage parlors operate as legitimate business where they claim to offer a variety of services like massages or acupuncture etc. but instead offer commercial sex to customers. These “massage parlors” are found all across the United States from cities with a high sex industry like Las Vegas to even a local shopping center in the middle of a residential
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According to the Department of Justice, Houston, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, Charlotte, Atlanta, and Las Vegas are some of the top human trafficking jurisdictions in the country. The large population and accessible transit such as trains, busses, cars etc., makes it easy to smuggle and sell girls on the streets without drawing attention and hide sex rings behind strip clubs and massage

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