Bill C-36 Prostitution Case Study

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Prostitution has always been around and always will, it is a part of human nature. Recently Canada has put a new law in place, Bill C-36 to try and end prostitution in Canada. This law is meant to discourage prostitution by promoting an exit, and holding johns, pimps, and traffickers criminally responsible. This law was put into power on December 6th, 2014. The main changes in the law is that now buying sex is illegal, advertising services of others is illegal, and anything to do with sale of sex cannot be anywhere near someone under 18. It is not a

The definition of prostitution In Canada is that prostitution is based on case law, not statutory law. This states that three elements must be established for prostitution to be taking place.
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The Court had given the government one year to bring in a new legislation. The Justice Minister Peter Mackay is behind the new law. He describes the new law as a “Made in Canada approach and the best way to eliminate prostitution altogether.” Bill C-36 recognizes prostitution as “inherently exploitative and harmful”. The new bill marks a turning point in Canada’s approach to prostitution. The federal government has devoted $20 million to implement bill C-36.

Canada’s old law states that selling sex was legal, but living in a bawdy or a brothel house is not. Soliciting sex in public was also illegal, as was living off the profits of another individuals prostitution. Canada’s new law states that selling sex is still legal but buying it is now a criminal offence. It is also now illegal for anyone except the prostitute to communicate for purpose of prostitution. The law also prohibits the advertising of sexual services of
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The women are able to hire bodyguards, rent apartments, or hire a receptionist. Except anyone of the people they hire cannot be paid as they will be making money off another person 's prostitution. Since prostitution cannot happen where anybody under 18 could reasonably be it results in them being pushed into worse neighbourhoods and locations, making their job more unsafe than it already is. Only allowing the individual woman to advertise her services protects them from pimps and johns, on the other hand this limits them because they cannot advertise their services on the internet or in a magazine because the owners of those services would be advertising them and be fined. The main problem with this law is that the buying of the sex is illegal. Because the clients can be charged and go to jail, they will not put their business in the prostitute with safety measures in place and the one who screens her clients and has all their information. The customers will go to the prostitutes who don’t ask for any information and are in more discrete locations. If the women want to be able to continue to make a living off the selling of their sex they will have to go into unsafe work conditions and put themselves at

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