Prostitution In Canada

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The Nordic Model The nordic model, which originally comes from Sweden, is flawed, and resembles the one we presently have in Canada in the sense that all activities surrounding prostitution is illegal, (Ka Hon Chu & Glass, p. 106). It is a one of the four models being advanced here in Canada. While most bills that politicians want to pass regarding the criminalization of sex work is to protect sex workers from violence which it is failing to do,(Ka Hon Chu & Glass, p. 106). Prostitutes who work on the streets have reported an increase in the violence they experience due to the fact that their more regular clients started avoiding them, scared to be arrested, (Ka Hon Chu & Glass, p. 106). This means that in order to make money, they need …show more content…
As the disappearances piled up, police said they had nothing to investigate because they had no leads, (Matas, p.10). It is accidentally, that the police, started finding evidence and therefore started pouring resources into the case, (Matas, p.10). For example, it is during an illegal firearm tip that they found remains solely because there was a power outage and a terrible smell started to come out of the freezer, (Matas, p.9). That is when they finally acknowledge the fact that sex workers were truly getting murdered, (Matas, p.9). The police found many different DNA profiles but were never able to solve the case, (Matas, p.9). Police chose to disregard the fact that dozens of women were disappearing, probably because they were sex workers, (Matas, p.10). It is safe to say that the laws regarding prostitution put sex workers at risk of violence when they have no protection, (Matas, p.10). If prostitution were to be legalised, it would become more structured and therefore it would be easier to hold people accountable for their actions, (Matas, p.10). If the police does not protect sex workers, and neither does the law then who will make sure their right to security of person will be respected?, (Altemimei,

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