Essay on Sex, The Biological Characteristics That Males And Females

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Throughout history, since birth we are given a mentality of how we all should act. This comes from our sex, the biological characteristics that distinguish males and females. The first sex characteristics are a vagina or a penis and organs; the second sex characteristics become clear with puberty for instance, when males grow bigger muscles, body hair etc. For females bigger breasts and broader hips. However, gender is the behaviors and attitudes a group recognize as appropriate for males and females. Not only our parents but also the media instructs us on every aspect on how to behave whether masculine or feminine.
To begin with, our parents play a major part on shaping who we are. For instance, their opinions and perspectives are passed down on us. Ever since I can remember, I played with girl toys rather than boys. I always question this because I would always see my cousins playing with cars and rockets, seen them made me curious on why I got stuck with my definition of lame toys (babies.) As I grew older, my cousin and I grew really close he would lend me his toys however, whenever I would tell him “here you can play with my Barbie’s” parents would not like it because he was supposed to be masculine. They discouraged his actions to playing with Barbie’s. Yet, my actions to play with “boy toys” was not aggravating as his. When my mom was pregnant, they thought I was a boy in result they bought clothes for boys when I was born they were wrong. I turned out to be a girl,…

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