Sex Integrated Sports Means That Sports Teams Are Made Up Of Both Genders

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Zayra Calderon once said, “You have to have the drive to tackle something a little bit bigger than you”(Ross 129). Sex-integrated sports means that sports teams are made up of both genders. Many people believe it is too dangerous physically and socially for girls to participate in boy sports. Often times there are girls who have a passion for sports and an athletic ability that deserves to be shown off, even if it means playing with the boys. Girls deserve the equal opportunity to play among the boys because they are equally athletic as boys.

In years past many women have competed athletically with men whether on a court or on a field. Women do have the ability to be equally athletic and maybe even better than men. “In 1931, 17 year old pitcher Virne ‘Jackie’ Mitchell became the second woman in history to sign a professional baseball contract when she was recruited to play for the all-male AA Chattanooga Lookouts by owner Joe Engel” (McDonagh 195). After receiving her contract she went on with her career and one of her many accomplishments was striking out both Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. After striking these two future Hall of Fame players she was taken out of the game and her contract became invalid due to the fact that “baseball was too strenuous for women” (McDonagh 195). Jackie Mitchell received a contract and struck out two men so clearly she had the skill. She had the ability to strike out two men who were later Hall of Fame hitters. Jackie was definitely a…

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