Essay on Sex, Gender, And Gender Roles Of Pop Culture

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The United States of America is 240 years old and is about to have its 45th president, and all 45 of them have been men, but the numbers do not tell the entire story. The most recent election had a female candidate many called one of the most qualified ever to run for president, and a male candidate that had never been involved in politics. When looking at the resumes of the two, the more qualified one is the winner, right? Wrong. While this example of women in politics is disappointing, it is still a major accomplishment for the country because it is the furthest a woman has ever gotten. There are several reasons as to why women are becoming more respected in our society, but the biggest influence is popular culture. Biological sex and gender roles in pop culture are things that have changed and are talked about significantly, especially when compared to past generations. Gender equality is a prevalent issue in today’s society, and has been for several years now. Popular culture has many different platforms it uses to reflect its ideas, but one of the largest ways is through the gaming industry. Video games are including female characters at an unprecedented rate, and this is reflective of the popular culture’s evolving depiction of gender equality.
One of the very first video games ever created was Pong in the early 1970’s. The goal was to use the paddle to hit the ball past the opponent and score. When evaluating these early games like Pong the gender equality portrayed…

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