Service Learning Can Be A Rewarding Experience For Both Participated And The Person Who Uses The Volunteer

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Service learning can be a rewarding experience for both participated and the person who uses the volunteer. This was my first time experiencing an actual volunteering assignment outside of my field of interest. The experience allowed me to utilize multiple talents that I had. The experiences I have opened my time to be involved in are not the types of activities I’m normally not interested in.
In order to get my service learning volunteer hours I had to go for three days at two different locations. The first services I provided was for the New York care program. The activity involved the parks and recreation center. The Park was located at Seward park, garden the service was for two hours. The activities that I help with was planting, blubs for the spring of 2016 .The blubs would blossom into beautiful tulips.
The process taught me how to plant tulips. The instructor Mrs. Linda explains the instruction as a process .The first step to the process was to find a place in the dirt where there were little to no tree roots in the ground. When we found that place in the ground we were instructed to dig a hole with a shovel, the next step was to pick five bulbs to put in the ground in a circle than we were directed to cover the bulbs in the ground with the dirt .we repeated this process until all the bulbs were planted.I was able to plant ten sets of bulbs of five, which will allow ten different tulip plants to blossom. This took most of my time; roughly 2 hours. The…

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