Essay on Service And Strengths Strategy Of The Summer

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Service & Strengths Strategy
Over the summer, we took a strengths quest to find out our top five strengths. My strengths are belief, developer, connectedness, empathy, and responsibility. I can definitely see where I relate to most of these. I am a pretty positive person. I believe in myself and like to see the best in other people. I will be the first one in line to support a friend. I am a people person. I love investing in people and their lives. I am better at one-one-one conversations than in a big group. One of the questions I have been asked while here in Abilene is, “What are some needs that people need to be aware of?” There are many things I have seen that have caught my attention. As a generation, we should rise up and make these things aware to others. We should use our gifts and talents to give back to the world and serve in this community.
In this world, there is a lot of bad things happening. I am someone who has empathy for other people and their struggles. I can relate to that characteristic the most. I have a passion for kids and mission work. There is something about children that makes me so happy. Their joy and love is so contagious and somehow always seems to make me feel better. It hurts me to see kids struggling in school or at home. I have worked with inner city kids for about five years. There were kids whose parents were in jail. There were others who were being raised by their grandmother. It makes me so sad that those kids are given those…

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