Essay on Servant Leader By James Hunter

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Servant Leader
I have not read the whole book yet, however the author of this book The worlds most powerful leadership principle presenting you with a lot new ideas and many interesting concepts. James C hunter actually makes you to start thinking and wanting to start making changes in your personal behaviors and personality to be a better person and a leader.
Usually I always skipped the prologue, but after reading it in the James Hunter’s book it turned out to be pretty interesting with actual questions to answer that make you thinking about some interesting aspects that you have not seen or thought before. I have read prologue itself and “good and bad news” couple of times to truly understand and relate to the message that author of this book was trying to say. The good and bad news in the prologue go hand in hand with each other and those both parts sort of fulfilling each other’s meanings in a sense. I like the way James Hunter provide analogy in the “bad news” part about that person will never learn how to swim just from reading a book. This analogy made me realize that in the real world situations one of the most important aspects to understand is that it is not enough just to possess theoretical knowledge, more importantly is the ability to implement it in practice and everyday life. In the prologue I also clearly learned for myself the importance of capability not just to implement knowledge at the workplace but also implement those changes in your character.

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