Serial Killers : Marybeth Tinning Essay

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In an ideal society, individuals would follow the law and coexist in harmony. However, as we know, the world is filled with corrupt people that degrade society’s welfare by harming those around them. These people include criminals such as burglars, robbers, rapists, and, the most jarring, serial killers. The latter murder multiple people in differentiated events due to psychological reasons. One of the most notorious serial killers is Marybeth Tinning, known for her multiple slayings of her children. Tinning had a generally ordinary, uneventful childhood. She was born on September 11, 1942 and has one brother (Marybeth Tinning). Marybeth attended Duanesburg High School in New York and worked a handful of low-paying jobs after graduating (Marybeth Tinning: Child Killer). While her elementary years were mostly humdrum, Marybeth did have some unsettling occurrences during her childhood. She attempted suicide multiples times as a child (Marybeth Tinning: Child Killer). Moreover, her father, press operator Alton Roe, “beaten her and locked her in a closet” (Marybeth Tinning). It was perhaps this abuse that led her to try to kill herself when she was younger. She did not appear to have many friends and her family members appeared to be ordinary individuals. Tinning is a Caucasian woman who is currently 72 years old. Tinning “aspired to go to college”, but that never happened (Marybeth Tinning). Tinning was an average student in high school and eventually became a nursing…

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