Serial Killers : A Popular Pastime Essay

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Serial killers have seen a rise in popularity as of late. With several television shows and novels based in these crimes, analyzing serial killers has been a popular pastime. With all of the recent attention given to serial murder, there is a growing interest in the psychology behind their behavior. When analyzing them, certain factors appear to be present. These factors are what lead them to become a serial killer and these seem to be shared with multiple killers. Serial killers are both born and made with these factors and those in the criminal justice system use their knowledge of these factors to analyze and catch these killers. In Gladwell’s article “Dangerous Minds”, criminal profiling’s accuracy is analyzed. Gladwell claims that profiling is essentially “hit or miss”, providing results in only a few instances. Criminal profiling is seen as being overrated and does not provide much help in apprehending criminals. It may lead investigators on the right track, but it does not ultimately help the investigation along in the same way that forensic evidence does. Specifically, Gladwell was discussing the profile of a heinous murderer. “But who useful is that profile really? The police already had Calabro on their list of suspects: if you’re looking for the person who killed and mutilated someone on the roof, you don’t really need a profiler to tell you to check out the dishevelled, mentally ill guy living with his father on the fourth floor.”(Gladwell 346). He claimed that…

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