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Solution overview

Shape strategy with social media mining
HP Live Customer Intelligence

Your customers’ opinions are everywhere—in status posts, tweets, blogs, online forums, and countless other interactive outlets. It’s a wealth of data, but it’s also information that is scattered across literally millions of sites. This logistical challenge leaves many enterprises floundering when it comes to social media. Though you see the potential, the practical implementation seems unattainable. Harnessing this market sentiment can create a much greater breadth and depth of social intelligence. Your organization can develop more targeted solutions and products, differentiate from the competition, shift from reactively tactical to proactively
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With HP Live Customer Intelligence, you’ll be able to significantly enhance research and make the most of your organization’s marketing and product team capabilities. • Develop truly market-focused solutions by capturing market sentiment toward your products and your competition with HP’s content scanning and aggregation. • Shift from reactive crisis management to proactive management of brand, public relations (PR), and customer expectations using our automatic issue discovery and alerting. • Get inside the minds of customers and speak the language they understand by classifying and clustering social media content using advanced algorithms. • Provide comprehensive customer service and tackle the most pressing issues and address problems that customers aren’t even articulating by tracking trigger issues and trends. HP Live Customer Intelligence combines the best of HP Labs research with the best of your internal capabilities to produce a world-class solution for leveraging the power of social intelligence. Establish a systematic approach to managing social intelligence while improving the bottom line. With HP Live Customer Intelligence, organizations can tune into market behavior and trends with greater agility and efficiency, cutting through noise to hear clear market signals. • Content scanning and capture—Efficiently capture and process greater volumes of social data. • Content clustering and classification—Process

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