Self-Regulated Learning Essay

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Self-regulated learning (SRL) is a social-cognitive model that conceptualizes effective learning as a cyclical process of evaluating cognitive and motivational processes during academic tasks.” (Ness and Middleton, 2011, p. 268). The three-phase cycle includes planning, performance, and self-evaluation. In SRL, learning is guided by metacognition, strategic action, and motivation to learn. “Self-regulated” describes a process of taking control of and evaluating one’s own learning and behavior. SRL emphasizes autonomy and control by the individual who monitors, directs, and regulates their actions toward goals of information acquisition, expanding knowledge, and self-improvement. Self-regulated learners are aware of their academic …show more content…
Self-regulated learning as a strategy is shown to be promising for improving academic performance for these students. There are multiple ways to use SRL in the classroom depending on individual student needs. Self-regulated learning strategies that can be used in the classroom include goal-setting, planning, self-motivation, attention control, flexible use of strategies, self-monitoring, help-seeking, and self-evaluation.
In the classroom, goals may be as simple as earning a good grade on an exam, or as detailed as gaining a broad understanding of a topic. Encouraging students to set short-term goals for their learning can be an effective way to help students track their progress.
Planning helps a student self-regulate their learning prior to engaging in learning tasks and occurs in three stages: setting a goal for a learning task, establishing strategies for achieving the goal, and determining how much time and resources will be needed to achieve the goal. Goal-setting and planning go hand-in-hand and help students establish well thought out goals and strategies to be successful.
Self-motivation occurs when a student independently uses one or more strategies to keep on-track toward a learning goal. It is important to the process of self-regulation because it requires students to assume control over their

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