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Recently, I was required to fill out a self-evaluation of my 2014 performance as a second-year aerodynamics engineer at the Boeing Company. Beyond rating my performance with regards to my completion of business goals and tasks, I also had to rate values such as integrity, communication, and problem solving. At the bottom of the list was the most challenging category for me to rate, leadership. Before taking this class, I would have questioned the applicability of that category. As a second-year engineer with no subordinates that report to me, I would have wondered whether I showed any signs of leadership. However, after taking this class and completing the various leadership questionnaires, I realize that leadership attributes are not just …show more content…
Leadership traits are easily definable and provide a relatively quick way for an individual to see if he or she would be a satisfactory leader. To assess my leadership traits, I had seven other coworkers rate them. In addition, I also assessed my leadership traits. I view myself as a dependable and diligent engineer who takes my assignments and responsibilities incredibly seriously. Throughout my entire life, for better or for worse, I have always viewed school and work responsibilities primary as compared to everything else. When I receive instructions or a new assignment, I work diligently to make sure I complete the tasks perfectly and timely. I rarely spend time chatting with coworkers because I become extremely focused on the task at hand, striving to complete it as quickly as possible. This desire to complete tasks so feverishly, causes my social traits to …show more content…
Based on the results from the Style Questionnaire, I would have assumed I would score high on supportive and participative styles of leadership. However, I scored significantly higher on the directive style and lowest on the participative style. This aligns more with what I believe my leadership style is. As a leader, I put more emphasis on making sure my subordinates know what is expected of them and what we as a team need to accomplish. Based on these results, it is clear that the Style Questionnaire is not a correct indicator of my optimal leadership

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