Essay about Self Esteem: Friend or Foe

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Adam C. Layer Feb. 25, 2013 Self Esteem: Friend or Foe Lauren Slater, in her article “The Trouble with Self-Esteem” starts out by stating that self-esteem is generally regarded as a positive thing. A person of high self-esteem is a successful well-respected member of society, with the opposite being true for a person of low self-esteem. She explains that in the social science and psychological world this notion has been rarely challenged until recently. She shares examples of many papers and essays whose premise is to contradict these well-accepted ideas. She goes on to cite that we as Americans focus on self-esteem, creating associations and task forces to aid in the development of self-esteem. Slater quotes researchers and …show more content…
Slater proposes that we might be more successful by practicing more self-control. She gives examples of therapeutic programs that concentrate on self-control. She shares the idea that it may not be of import how we feel about ourselves but how well we do, citing Sigmund Freud that work and love are essential. She branches off from self-control and self-responsibility to self-appraisal to understand where we are weak and frail, and where we flourish and are stable. This self-appraisal is her remedy to our so-called woes of self-esteem. I think this self-appraisal may be key to the solution to the problems mentioned, but not to the solution to self-esteem. For, I believe that there is no problem with self-esteem, but as Slater herself suggested, many people confuse self-esteem with pride and egotism. Therefore I agree with Slater that self-appraisal may help our society to be more successful and happy; yet, I disagree with various points contained in this article, many of which, however, are not the opinion of the author. I think that a proper definition of self-esteem, something not provided in the original text, would help us in properly seeking out the problems we are seeking to understand. Self-esteem is defined as confidence and satisfaction in and with oneself. Now what is wrong with confidence and being content

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