Self Driving Cars Are Becoming A Reality Essay

1221 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 5 Pages
Now that self-driving cars are becoming a reality, they may impact society because of competition with big auto companies. They will have competition with uber, taxis and insurance companies will start to lose money. Google is building the self-driving cars in detroit for other companies to build. The self-driving car would be 100% electric and could drive a range of 100 miles. A self-driving car will now have sensors that can detect thing before it happens. Google says it is covering 10,000 miles per week on the streets.(top 10 interesting facts)
Today, human error accounts for 90% of road accidents. Self-driving cars are made to park cars manually and avoid collisions.(Marco Della) There are also features that the military uses to their benefit like GPS, radar or sonar and 3D cameras. In the creation of making self-driving cars google had to update the maps, they used so they decided to work with a team called HERE that builds high-resolution maps that let the car see the car see in front or in the back of the road they are on. This new technology allows the car to detect an accent before it happens.(Marco Della) The self-driving car would not be forced to process the entire road from scratch. As Alexis Madrigal says “But the "map" goes beyond what any of us knows as a map. "Really, [our maps] are any geographic information that we can tell the car in advance to make its job easier," explained Andrew Chatham, the Google self-driving car team 's mapping lead.” (Alexis C.…

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