Self Driving Cars : A Reality Of Science Fiction Movies Essay

1497 Words Apr 25th, 2015 null Page
Until recently, self-driving cars were thought to be a thing of science fiction movies, but due to advancements in technology, car companies are making this a reality. Mercedes Benz just released their 2014 S-class sedan that is equipped with a self-driving feature that allows hands free driving for speeds less than 18 mph. Google’s self-driving Prius and Lexus have been shown to drive more smoothly and safely than their trained professional drivers [4]. The benefits would be too numerous to count. Imagine being able to sleep on the way to work or drastically reduce commute times. The efficiently of intersections have been shown to increase 200-300 times with the use of autonomous vehicles [6]. Many people that are impaired or disabled would once again be able to become independently mobile. Although with all the hype, there are also concerns for these vehicles. What if one of the critical systems fails while you’re at a high speed? And when the inevitable crash occurs, with whom does the liability fall? With autonomous vehicles rapidly approaching, the issues safety, reliability, and cost will need to be addressed before there is widespread public acceptance. Autonomous or self-driving cars rely on two main systems to maintain control while driving. The first of which is a system of sensors that give the car a 360-degree view of the conditions surrounding the car. These sensors can determine if the car in front of you is braking or if there is a car in your blind spot.…

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