Essay on Self Culture Society

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Asceticism has been revolutionizing since the fifteenth century and will continue to throughout the present day in the social order. The human mind is faced with demanding means of transformation sustained in our culture through material and ideological conditions. Jeremy Rifkin and Karl Polanyi focus their work on production and exchange in terms of social relations also known as material conditions. Theodore Roszak and Reinhard Bendix direct their literature on the values and actions which individuals adhere otherwise known as ideological conditions. Ideological and material conditions coincide in respect to one another. Human values and worth differentiate when challenged by unpredictable social surroundings. Each journalist captures …show more content…
With the global markets shift in production, the nation states role is diminishing at a fast past and the political power reigns in the hands of the global and supra national corporations. Evidently, the people of modern society find it troublesome to conceptualize the economy regulating by mega corporations and not the previously dominating central government. Machines brought the new era of information and the emergence of goods and services. Now “the social economy is centered on human relationships, on feelings of intimacy, on companionship, fraternal bonds and stewardship – not qualities easily reducible to replaceable by machines” (Rifkin 223).
The self regulating market as Polanyi puts it plays a dominant role in the social standards man may or may not obtain. The market system, which is an apparent function of social organization, brought about principles of reciprocity (gift giving) and redistribution or house holding. In primitive societies reciprocity protects the reputation of a man and redistribution increases mans political power. The social organization is embedded the non economic motives of symmetry, centricity and autarchy. “In framework, the orderly production and distribution of goods was secured through a great variety of individual motives disciplined by general principles of behaviour” (Polanyi 161). The economic system intertwined with the social system developed an extension of the market economy and all the elements it

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