My Self-Evaluation Of Leadership And Management Skills

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• A general sense of where you see your own preferred style.
The overall result of my self-evaluation of Leadership and Management Skills returned to me as a leader. My simple survey self-assessment test was able to provide me with the result of a leader because it understood that I have the ability, and the capability to perform as a leader in my organization. I was able to demonstrate knowledge as a supervisor toward leadership and have a general sense of my preferred style as a leader. First and foremost, as a leader in my organization, I had to establish a timetable to complete a task that was given by my administrator. The task I had to accomplish was set modules to learn about the data and how to use this information to guide my lesson plans. For example, I set up a schedule with my group and once a week we met to work on the modules and to use the results found to create our lesson plans. The modules were somewhat difficult to maintain; however, with my determination and enthusiastic I motivated the remaining team to complete them as well. By having this ability to work as a group gave me the encouragement and confidence that I could challenge
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This is truly a true statement! I am a firm believer in doing what is right. I found myself always telling other people to follow instructions and do what required of them. For example, when my other colleagues were venting and complaining about the amount of work we have to complete, I, as a leader, would encourage them to see the bright side of the story. Many of my colleagues have told that I am a strong, dependable person that under pressure was able to maintain control. I help them to see the reasoning for completing their tasks, and at the same time, hoping to avoid unwanted criticism. As a result, everyone was able to control his or her anger and worked hard to be successful in the tasks that were given

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